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Welcome to Rum Club...

We are all about the rum... pot still, column still, blends in all it’s dark, fruity, light, dry, sweet flavours, styles and traditions...

We like to introduce you to this fantastic spirit and tell you story or two from the history of this amazing spirit, which goes hand in hand with the history through time.

Rum geeks are welcome, because we definitely are and we love to talk all that rum... Let’s talk about the body, the head and the tail of the rum... We also have an extended rum cocktail list, where we do our own creations and some classic rum cocktails, with twist and different rum styles...

So come down and we’ll get you started with this drinkable love affair, which has embraced people for centuries…


We have a wide selection of about 400 bottles, from the young to the older and extreme rare, from all over the world…
We set up some rum menu’s to introduce you to the vast diversity this spirit has and gone nerdy on some of the brands and collections. more
Our cocktail list is made of some of our own creations and some classic rum cocktails with a twist or different styles of rum, that give the classic cocktails a different tasting note, but most of our cocktails are made with our own rum blends... more
Our Introduction to rum tasting will be launched in the beginning of January with a year full programe of tastings... If you want participate, just contact us.

It´s all about tasting the Rum...

We love rum and everything rum…

We are so geeky on the rum that we have blended our own rum brand…

That can be bought in house or in the chain of Wine & Liquor stores Vinoble
and bougth online at

For more infomation on our rum’s Rum Club Rum... go to

Rum Club
Rum Club

Rum, Rum and more Rum

We have a wide selection of about 400 bottles, from the young to the older and extreme rare, from all over the world… We’ve set up some rum menu’s to introduce you to the vast diversity this spirit has and gone nerdy on some of the brands and collections...

So come down and try some, there should be one you love…

  • Rum Club Blends:

    At Rum Club we have blended our own rums and have more than 300 bottles, so we have set up some tasting menus for you so we can introduce you to this marvellous spirit.
  • RC Dark & Aged: 3cl. 75,-

    Nose: Orange, Vanilla, Caramel, and Dark Chocolate.
    Palate: Sweet, Dark Chocolate, Dusty, Toasted Vanilla Oak.
  • RC 4 Rum Geeks: 3cl. 85,-

    Nose: Warm Biscuits, Malty, Dried Fruits into Dates.
    Palate: Thick, Smooth, Dusty Dried Fruits, Raisins & Roasted Cocoa Beans with a Dry oak wood finish.
  • Rum Club Tasting: 10cl. 275,-

    2 cl. Young, 3 cl. Dark., 3 cl. Rum Geek , 2 cl. Over Proof.
  • Intro To Rum: 12cl. 350,-

    3 cl. Mount Gay XO
    3 cl. Brugal XV
    3 cl. Centenario 20 yrs.
    3 cl. Clement VSOP
  • XO - Intro To Rum: 12cl. 595,-

    3 cl. Berrys Own XO-Trinidad
    3 cl. Brugal Siglo de Oro.
    3 cl. Centenario 25 yrs.
    3 cl. Clement 10 yrs.
  • Hispanic:

    This style of rum covers the more sweater column still brands, that are from the rest of the Spanish speaking countries in Latin America. These rums are branched out from the Cuban style, but have a more loose idea of ageing and what can go into the rums, to make the end product more broadly palatable.
  • Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva: 3cl. 105,-

    Nose: Fruit Cake, cocoa, Fudge, Toffee, Vanilla & Oak.
    Palate: Chocolate, Fudge, Tropical Fruits, notes of orange.
  • Vintage 2000: 3cl. 130,-

    Nose: hints of Tobacco, Fudge, Toffee, Vanilla & Dried Fruits.
    Palate: Rich, Flavourful, Vanilla Oak, Caramel, wood & liquorice.
  • Diplomatico Tasting: 10cl. 525,-

    2 cl. Res, 3 cl. Res. Excl., 3 cl. Vintage 2000, 2 cl. Ambassador.
  • Centenario – 20 yrs: 3cl. 105,-

    Nose: Cream Soda, Ripe Banana & caramel.
    Palate: Sweet & Smooth, Notes of Maple, Custard & Tobacco towards Toffee candy.
  • Centenario – 30 yrs: 3cl. 275,-

    Nose: Ripe Banana dried Raisins, Hint of caramel.
    Palate: Sweet & Smooth, Vanilla, Roasted Almond, with Oak and Walnut finish.
  • Centenario Tasting: 10cl. 525,-

    2 cl. 12yrs, 3 cl. 20yrs., 3 cl. 25 yrs, 2 cl. 30yrs.
  • Trees Hombres:
    Captains Choice: 3cl. 465,-

    Nose: Powerful at 65%, Lots of toffee, vanilla & Dark chocolate
    Palate: Sweet, pungent, with a finish towards liquorice & oak.
  • Cuban:

    This style of rum was founded by don Facundo Bacardi Massó back in 1862, where he was one of the first to import a Coffey/Column still to Cuba. The column still and it’s continuous distillation process gave the rums a more medium bodied taste, with a lot less nose and aftertaste. Brugal, Havana Club, Bacardi, Matusalem are a couple of examples of classic Cuban styled brands.
  • Brugal XV: 3cl. 95,-

    Nose: Honey, dried fruits, Hint of caramel.
    Palate: Slightly sweet, with the Brugal Dry finish.
  • Brugal 1888: 3cl. 115,-

    Nose: Hints of Spice, Chocolate & Roasted coffee beans.
    Palate: Toffee Caramel, wood & liquorice.
  • Brugal Tasting: 10cl. 375,-

    2 cl. Añejo, 3 cl. XV, 3 cl. 1888, 2 cl. Siglo de Oro.
  • Havana Club:
    Selection D. Maestro: 3cl. 115,-

    Nose: Toasted pecan, spices, with a hint of tobacco and wood.
    Palate: flavourful, notes of cocoa, sweet Tobacco & Spices and a finish with notes of smoke and candied fruits.
  • Havana Club Tasting: 10cl. 575,-

    2 cl. 7 yrs, 3 cl. Sel. D. Mae., 3 cl. Barrel Proof, 2 cl. 15 yrs.
  • Matusalem 23 yrs: 3cl. 105,-

    Nose: Dried Fruits, Hints of honey, woods, caramel & Vanilla over towards white chocolate.
    Palate: Fine & Elegant towards the creaminess, with base a of liquorice and overtones of almond & hazelnuts.
  • Matusalem Tasting: 10cl. 345,-

    2 cl. 7 yrs, 3 cl. 10 yrs, 3 cl. 15yrs., 2 cl. 23 yrs.
  • English:

    The style is characterized by pot still full-bodied rums, with a lot of flavour. This tradition is known for having a lot of head, with a lot of fossil fuels on top, in the nose, characterized by the pot still process. This style began back in the 1637 where the Bajans (people of Barbados) were introduced to the pot still by the Dutch West Indian Company. Some classic brands with this category are: Appleton, English Harbour, Mount Gay, Pussers and many more.
  • Mount Gay – XO: 3cl. 85,-

    Classic full-bodied Barbados rum from the oldest rum distillery in the Caribbean, established in 1703.
    Nose: Ripe Banana, toast, vanilla and warm spices.
    Palate: Rich, oak wood and sharp, a smooth finish.
  • Pussers –Nelsons Blood: 3cl. 130,-

    Nose: Prunes, Sherry, cedar wood & hint of fossil oils.
    Palate: Full bodied, sweet with notes of Prunes, Toffee, cedar wood, Sherry and spicy vanilla.
  • Pussers Tasting: 7cl. 275,-

    2 cl. Navy, 3 cl. Nelsons Blood, 2 cl. Over Proof cl. 15yrs.
  • Appleton 21 yrs: 3cl. 245,-

    Nose: Nutty, rich and Full bodied, with notes of Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and pepper.
    Palate: Thick, nutty, cocoa, dried fruits and oak, with a long thick finish.
  • Appleton Tasting: 8cl. 365,-

    2 cl. X/V, 3 cl. 12yrs., 3 cl. 21 yrs.
  • Berry’s Own - XO: 3cl. 130,-

    Nose: Rich, fossil oils and full bodied, with notes of Citrus, Vanilla, Oak.
    Palate: Thick & smooth, with hints of cocoa, tobacco, dried prunes and oak, with a long thick finish.
  • Rhum Agricole:

    This rum style was created on the old French colonies: Martinique, Guadeloupe & Haiti.
    This rum is categorized by French oak ageing and the use of cane juice instead of molasses, due to the fact that the exportation of sugar was prohibited by Napoleon in 1811, due the Napoleonic wars (1802-1815). Categorically this rum can only be made on the named, but most rums out of Haiti are also put into this category, because of the historical rum heritage.
  • Clement - VSOP: 3cl. 95,-

    Nose: Roasted Cocoa Beans, Caramel, and Dried Fruits.
    Palate: Dry Crème Brule, Black Pepper, nutmeg & Oak.
  • Clement 10 yrs.: 3cl. 130,-

    Nose: Warm Biscuits & Almond Butter into Pastry.
    Palate: Thick, Buttery, Hazelnuts & Dark Chocolate with a oak wood & liquorice finish.
  • Clement Tasting: 10cl. 525,-

    2 cl. VSOP, 3 cl. 6 yrs., 3 cl. 10 yrs, 2 cl. Cuvee XO.
  • Rhum JM – XO: 3cl. 105,-

    Nose: Toasted nuts, lemon & Sage, dried fruits, Hint of caramel.
    Palate: Dry, Intense Green note, Exotic Fruits & Spices.
  • Rhum JM Tasting: 10cl. 525,-

    2 cl. VSOP, 3 cl. XO, 3 cl. “1845”, 2 cl. 1995.
  • Barbancourt 15 yrs: 3cl. 105,-

    Nose: Butterscotch, Oak, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Citrus notes & Dried Fruits.
    Palate: Butterscotch, Toffee, Brown Sugar, Dark Tobacco & Peppery Spices.

Rum Cocktails...

And a few barstards...


Our cocktail list is made of some of our own creations and some classic rum cocktails with a twist or different styles of rum, that give the classic cocktails a different tasting note, but most of our cocktails are made with our own rum...

We do also serve bastard cocktails, aka. non rum cocktails... so if you're looking for a classic boston sour, you are more than welcome...

  • RumClub’s Own Creations:

    What has come out of the rum Club taste lab…
  • Honey Thyme: 95,-

    Rum Sour, where Thyme and Honey join forces with our own house blend of light & Young against Elderflower.
  • Nobody beats the beet 105,-

    Our Dark & Aged blend in a sour, which has been spiced up with chilli and beetroot.
  • Malay Sour: 95,-

    Fresh Green Basil and our own Vanilla syrup meet up with our Young & Light blend for this surprising sour.
  • From Rum Club with love: 110,-

    Another stirred cocktail which infuses our Dark & Aged blend with Chocolate & lemon bitters, with a fennel sweet note.
  • V Passion: 105,-

    Passion Fruit and Vanilla combined with our light and young blend is just a combo that works…
  • Lady Marmalade: 110,-

    Our Dark & Aged blend in a magnificent shaken cocktail that will leave you with the question: Who put marmalade in my drink?
  • Ginger Bitch 3.0: 95,-

    Our Dark & Aged blend in a sour with organic apple juice and fresh ginger.
  • RumGroni: 110,-

    Another redo of the classic negroni, but using our Aged & Dark blend instead of gin.
  • Ron Lockwood: 120,-

    A Stirred cocktail with 2 rums. Our Dark & Aged meets THE PERUVIAN RUM FROM Bristol Classics, with notes of Dark Chocolate & Smoke.
  •  Dark ‘N’ Stormy:

    Dark rum, lime and ginger beer has been a classic cocktail for years, but due to Copyright issues has generated a heavy debate on the cocktail scene about whether you actually can copyright a cocktail or not…
  • Goslings Dark ‘N’ Stormy: 115,-

    The Copyrighted one…
  • Rum Club Dark ‘N’ Stormy: 110,-

    We make ours with fresh ginger Juice and lime Juice…
  • Spicy ‘n’ Stormy: 120,-

    Our regular dark N Stormy spiced up with Habanero chilli syrup and chilli bitters…
  •  Straight Daiquiri:

    Lime or Lemon, sugar and rum has been a combo that has thrived in the Caribbean through the centuries. Here are some of the different variations depending on origin and rum style…
  • Brugal XV Daiquiri: 110,-

    The sherry notes comes through, due to the Sherry cask finish & the dry note from Brugal makes an exquisite classic daiquiri.
  • Rum Club Daiquiri: 100,-

    The sweet & fruity one… Due to the citrus note in Our Aged & Dark blend, this works great in a classic daiquiri.
  • Mount Gay Daiquiri: 90,-

    The oldest Rum brand in the world, since 1703, makes a classic Barbados style daiquiri…
  • Bartender’s Daiquiri: 120,-

    Our Rum Geek version of the house blend makes a dazzling daiquiri.
  • Mulata 15 yrs Daiquiri: 145,- The 15 year old Cuban just works in this brilliant daiquiri, worth every penny…
  • Diplomatico Daiquiri: 130,-

    The Venezuelan Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is simply fabulous as a daiquiri.
  • WARNING!!! Drink these daiquiris at YOUR own peril...
    Over Proof Daiquiri:

    All these straight daiquiris are made with Rum that holds more than 50% alcohol, so these daiquiris come with an obligatory btl. of still water.
  • Rum Club Hara-kiri: 165,-

    Our own Over proof blend is at 57% And is just AWESOME as a daiquiri...
  • Jamaican Crucifixion: 155,-

    The Smith & Cross Jamaican Wedderburn & Plummer pot still 57% will rock your tasting buds, with hints of liquorice...
  • Plantation Euthanasia: 170,-

    This classic Trinidad over proof at 73% ends up being a smooth caramelized seducer… Careful…
  • Haitian Kill Devil: 175,-

    This small batched Haitian “rhum Agricole” at 53,7% made on organic sugars from Hawaii, has a intense nose and aftertaste that goes towards green apples.
  • Nelson’s Sword: 170,-

    Pussers Over Proof at 75% is amazing rum, distilled on of the few wooden pot stills left, which gives Pussers a unique rich flavour that comes through in this daiquiri…
  • Mojito:

    The origin of this drink is still debated, but the first mix of lime, sugar, rum and mint is attributed to Sir Francis Drake back in 1586 and was called “El Draque”. The mojito was made famous by Hemingway, who drank his at “Bodeguita del Medio” in Havana.
  • Rum Club Mojito: 100,-

    Classic cocktail made with our own Light and Young blend…
  • The Pirate Mojito: 110,-

    Classic cocktail made with the Plantation 3 stars white rum, which has a punchier note to the palate…
  • The Original Mojito: 105,-

    A dryer note to this mojito, which is with ice cubes and lime juice…
  • The Over proof mojito: 130,-

    The mojito that will give you behind a nice kick…
  • Mojito Superior: 115,-

    Made with our Aged & Dark blend topped up with cava…
  • Zacapa 23 Mojito: 185,-

    Just ‘cause we can…
  • Rum Old Fashioned:

    This Classic cocktail appeared during the century and originally made with bourbon or whiskey, but its spin off with rum was there in the beginning as well. Here is some rum we have chosen for this classic cocktail.
  • Treacle: 105,-

    Classic Rum old fashioned made with our own Dark & Aged Blend, with an Apple juice float.
  • Rum Geek Old Fart: 115,-

    Classic Rum old Fashioned made with our own Rum Geek Blend, Marvellous…
  • XO Rum Old Fashioned: 135,-

    The mount Gay Xtra Old is simply brilliant in a classic rum old fashioned.
  • French Old Fashioned: 135,-

    The Clement Select Barrel makes an incredible old fashioned, with its more herbal note.
  • Cuban Old Fashioned: 155,-

    The Mulata 15 yrs makes a marvellous dry noted old fashioned, where the molasses palate comes through.
  • Overproof Old Fart: 145,-

    The over proof Jamaican, in this classic cocktail, gives it a whole new dimension.
  • Bartender’s Choice

    – Simply the best...
  • Quebrante Sour: 115,-

    The Classic pisco sour made with Barsol Quebrante pisco… it will not let you down…
  • Tres Generationes Tommy’s Style: 145,-

    Sauza top brand works perfectly in a tommy’s style margarita.
  • Maker’s Mark B Sour: 115,-

    Classic Boston sour made with Maker’s Mark.
  • Blue Ribbon Sour: 110,-

    The French Blue Ribbon gin makes this incredible sour with a twist of thyme…
  • Patron White Russian: 145,-

    The Patron coffee liqueur and Sobieski Estate vodka makes the most magnificent white Russian…
  • Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned 120,-

    The Maker’s mark is simply brilliant in a classic old fashioned.
  • Bastard Cocktails:

    – Not Rum…
  • Boston Sour: 100,-

    Classic Whiskey sour on famous grouse with a twist.
  • New York Sour: 115,-

    Classic Whiskey sour on famous grouse with a red wine float.
  • Passionate Summer: 100,-

    Our version of the classic mojito, with a twist of passion fruit and lemon, based on Hollywood’s favourite spirit: Vodka.
  • Elderflower Martini: 105,-

    The name says it all… The favourite Danish Summer flower has gathered forces with vodka and a twist of lemon…
  • Perfect Manhattan: 110,-

    As for Manhattans we only think there is one way to go… and that´s the perfect one… the right balance between sweet and dry…
  • Classic Rum Cocktails:

  • El Presidente No. 1: 95,-

    Our Light & Young blend with dry vermouth… the sweet one…
  • Malt Caipirinha: 130,-

    Done with Ypioca 150 yrs. Celebration Malt Cachaça, that has been aged for 6 yrs...
  • Aged & Dark Sour: 100,-

    Classic Rum Sour with our Aged & Dark blend…
  • Petit Punch Vieux: 135,-

    This classic cocktail comes out of the old French colonies and has been an integral part of the culture on all of the islands. It comes in various forms and styles. We have chosen to make ours with a Rhum vieux “Clement Select Barrel”.
  • Rum Vanilla Flip: 100,-

    Vanilla shake for grown ups.
  • Rum Punch: 145,-

    A punch, where we use the classic 1 sour, 2 sweet, 3 strong and 4 weak ratio, with the Jamaican smith & Cross being the strong.
  • Planter’s Punch: 125,-

    The classic punch cocktail. Done with Myer’s rum.
  • Rum Club Mai Tai: 175,-

    This classic Tiki cocktail done in our way, with 3 rum club blends, our own Orange shrub, Orgeat, Vanilla and Passion fruit juice. You will love it…
  • Rum Club Zombie: 245,-

    Classic Tiki Cocktail done the Rum Club way, 3 rum blends, 2 Over proofs & Jamaican rum…
    This will turn you into a Zombie…

We are so geeky on rum, cocktails and what goes into them...

We make all of our juices and prep in house, blend our own vermouths, infuse our own liquors and shrubs. Generally create our own flavours, so that all this love for the detail, should come through on every cocktail served…

  • Dry Vermouth:

    We’ve blended our own Dry Vermouth, on a base of the classic but played on the tasting note towards acidious apple…
  • Sweet Vermouth:

    Our Sweet Vermouth blend takes a base from a classic, but we’ve played abit with the sweet note inspired from a classic red liquor...
  • Shrubs:

    Obviously all our Shrubs are rum based, we use our light and dry rum, to make sure that only the best is the base for these. Our Shrubs and Liquors come from a process of maceration and infusion of the fruits or spices into the rum at high abv. Our Shrubs and Liquors come in the following flavours:

    Orange, Coffee & Falernum… More to come...

Tastings & RC Navy

We host rum tasting or masterclasses in house or at your location… But we also take enlistments into the Rum Club Navy...

RC by zoltions

The idea of our Navy is to spread the message of great rum and give you insight into the world of rum. By Enlisting yourself into the Rum Club Navy, you’ll get some benefits at Rum Club and you’ll be able to rise in the ranks in our navy which depends on how many rums you’ve tried in house...

The enlisting comes through taking one of our Introduction to Rum classes, where you’ll start by tasting 6 different rums and you’ll get a introduction to the history of Distillation and it’s influence in the 4 mayor rum traditions…

Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated or write us to hear when the next introduction will be held...

  • Rum Club Navy Mate: 0 - 9 rum.
    Rum Club Navy Lieutenant: 10 - 24 rum.
    Rum Club Navy Commander: 25 - 39 rum.
    Rum Club Navy Captain: 40 - 59 rum.
    Rum Club Navy Commodore 2nd class: 60 - 79 rum.
    Rum Club Navy Commodore 1nd class; 80 - 99 rum.
    Rum Club Navy Vice Admiral: 100 - 149 rum.
    Rum Club Navy Admiral: 150 - 199 rum.
    Rum Club Navy Admiral of rum: 200 + rum.
  • You get a personalized Rum Club Navy card.
    You get a 10 % discount on all rum served straight.
    You get a 10 % discount on the entire cocktail menu.

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